Eaga/Carillion Warmsure Shambolic Service

So now I have now been without working hot water on my new boiler since 21st December. This is unexpected as our boiler was only fitted in February, but ‘luckily’ it came with 2 years Warmsure cover – or so I thought.

After an engineer visit on the 23rd December, just to diagnose the issue and not do anything further and numerous further phone calls to chase the repair we were told it’s a van stocked part and would be fixed on the 3rd January.

So the engineer turned up, but didn’t phone in advance like he was suppose to and as only he was a contractor so didn’t carry the part and he wasn’t allowed to aquire one from a plumbers merchants. So more waiting till a part is ordered and another engineer is dispached..

Worse part is the engineer manually moved the diverter valve so we could get hot water, however central heating which did work is no longer working..genius..

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  1. Having been without heating for 12 months Enterprise the installer bid for the job only to find the surveyor had messed up the survey and nothing was heard from either carillion or Enterprise since !!!!! great job !! I onder if the government paid Carillion forthe non installation ! wish there was a web site colating all manner of complaints about Warmfront so you just add your details to whatever category complaint. Then submit the information colated as a petition for the government to investigate.

    Seems the concern come in dribs and drabs from induviduals too many in number for them to be dealt with

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